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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner! J


Hello, Niagara families!


            I appreciate you stopping by my webpage to gain some knowledge about what it is that I do for your children here at school.  Below you will find a wealth of information about my everyday work and some special services available to your child.  If you are looking to refer your child for in-school counseling, please scroll to the bottom of the page.  There is a link for you to click & a form to fill out.  The information you provide will be sent to me, and I will contact you within one business day to confirm & discuss your referral.  If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed on this page, please email me at or call the school at (270) 831-5142.  

                                                                                    Jordan Fulkerson
                                                                                    Niagara Elementary School Counselor


  1. How Do Students Talk to the School Counselor?

There are various ways to meet with Mr. Fulkerson:

  • ONE ON ONE COUNSELING: Student and counselor meet independently to go over any concerns or work on behavior.
  • GROUP COUNSELING: Peer groups of 4-5 students meet to work on character development or group issues
  • CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: Counselor goes into classroom and talks with students about a variety of topics
  1. When do people request a meeting with the counselor?
  • When a student is very sad, confused, shy, angry, or worried
  • When severe changes in a student's behavior occur
  • When a student is having difficulty dealing with family changes or situations
  • When something seems to be bothering a student to the point of distraction or intense anxiety
  • When a student is dealing with a loss of a family member, friend, or pet
  • When stressors at home are affecting school performance or self-concept
  • When a student is consistently absent from school
  1. How Do Students See the Counselor?

I can be contacted in many ways, but I want you to know that parents are certainly welcome to contact me directly!  I will be glad to address any concerns that impact your child’s social/emotional or academic well-being at school. These issues may manifest at home due to an issue at school, or I can observe & report behaviors here at school that may be making their way home.  Either way we can work together to find a solution to the issues we are seeing. I can also be of assistance with community resources and helping your family with any pressing needs by referring you to Mrs. Samantha, our Family/Youth Service Center Coordinator. J


Appointments can be made by:

  • Self-Referral to meet with the counselor
  • Parent/Guardian Referral for a student to meet with the counselor
  • Administration, Teacher, Staff Referral request for a student to meet with the counselor
  • Request by a friend for a student to meet with the counselor


To make an appointment with the School Counselor, please complete one of the following forms:

Student Referral *Students: A paper copy will be available for students via their classroom teacher

Teacher/Staff Referral *Teachers/Staff: A link will be provided on your classroom computer’s desktop

Parent/Guardian Referral *Please click the link at the very bottom of the page


Confidentiality Concerns

A counselor’s relationship with students is different from the rest of the building.  In addition, it is likely that my role as the counselor here at Niagara is different from what your counselor was to you during your elementary school years—for those of you who even had one, that is! J Mutual trust and confidentiality are necessary in this relationship.  This means that I a legally bound by the ethical codes of the American School Counselor Association to retain the information mentioned by your child in our sessions.  I will, however, keep you up-to-date on a need-to-know basis in situations that will benefit your child.  If you have questions about this, please contact me at a suitable time so I may further explain it to you! 


With all of that being said, there are times when a counselor must break confidentiality and report to the appropriate authorities, whether that is the parent, teacher, principal, police, or DCBS. This is typically the case when some type of danger is involved.  These situations may include if they want to harm themselves, harm someone else, or someone is harming them.  I may also share information if they give me consent to do so, like a discussion with their teacher about how they feel concerning a classroom issue. 




Counselor Information:

Name: Jordan Fulkerson

Degrees: B.A. English, M.A. School Counseling, and currently seeking a Specialist in Education degree in counseling

Employment: High school English teacher, high school counselor, writing tutor, summer camp counselor/instructor, and current Niagara counselor!

Life: I reside in Newburgh, Indiana with my two cats, Jinkx & Rocko! J

Hobbies: Drum corps competitions, theatre arts, live music/concerts, roller coasters, writing/reading, kayaking/rafting, weightlifting/strongman activities, and working with Niagara students & families! J